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The Lil' Dragons Program is a Martial Arts Program intended for children ages 3 to 5, designed to help younger students develop the motor skills and listening skills that they will need as they progress through the Tae Kwon Do Program. The students will learn the White Belt basics, along with the Kamsah (appreciation) form. Aside from the fun they will have jumping over and speeding through challenging obstacle courses, they will have the opportunity to develop skills in team work, coordination, and respect that will only be observed during their time in class, but at home and school as well.

Lil' Dragons will wear a Lil' Dragon uniform and start with a white belt. After acquiring the proper skill they will advance through the ranks of gold, green, purple, brown, and black stripes that run down the middle of their white belt.

Lil' Dragons will eventually graduate into the Youth Karate program. They will start over at white belt and work their way through the solid colored belt ranks.

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